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Behemoth Records

Shai Hulud - Misanthropy Pure (Cassette)

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Presenting the third full length album by hardcore punk band, Shai Hulud. It has been described as the blender between 1997's Hearts Once Nourished with Hope and Compassion and 2003's That Within Blood Ill-Tempered, by Shai Hulud's guitarist, Matt Fox:

"The sound.. it's hard for me to answer it accurately, it would be better to ask somebody who is listening to it. If you ask me, when I listen to 'Hearts Once Nourished..' our first album, I think it's very rhythm based. It's very very melodic, but it's definitely more rhythm based. When you listen to 'That Within Blood Ill-Tempered', it's clearly more melody based... so a lot of my friends said: 'If you guys could combine the drive, the rock, and the aggression of "Hearts" and the structuring, the melody and the intelligence of "That Within Blood Ill Tempered", you might have my favorite album of all time.' So again, because I can never answer a question just directly, to answer your question directly, what we try to do is combine both albums. We wanted to make it smart, and heavy, we wanna make it sound great. We wanted to give something to people where they could groove along to it and rock for more than a second and a half without changing, but we also wanted to maintain some technical intelligent aspect, and the melodic nature of our last album. So if you take both those albums, throw them in a blender, I think you might have something that resembles 'Misanthrophy Pure'."

Released October 2021.

Here, the album is being collected on cassette and is limited to just 500 copies.


1. Venomspreader
2. The Creation Ruin
3. Misanthropy Pure
4. We Who Finish Last
5. Chorus of the Dissimilar
6. In the Mind and Marrow
7. To Bear the Brunt of Many Blades
8. Four Earths
9. Set Your Body Ablaze
10. Be Winged
11. Cold Lord Quietus


  • Number of sides: 2
  • Label: Metal Blade/Behemoth
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: ALLHAIL004
  • Extras: Includes 3 panel J-Card


Exclaim - "Misanthropy Pure is a brain-rupturing return to form from a resilient and influential act. This is melodic metalcore at its finest. "

Scene Point Blank - "Bottom-line, it's a heck of a return for Shai Hulud, proving that they're still at the top of the hardcore realm."

Lambgoat - "It's unlikely that a better metalcore album will be released this year."