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Arsonists Get All The Girls - Motherland (LP)

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Collected on vinyl for the first time! The Northern California experimental metallers ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS dropped their fourth album entitled Motherland in 2011! The album saw the band continuing to evolve their expanding sound as they perfectly blended death metal, grind, and spastic noise to create some of the most ferocious and unique metal around. The album also marked the last to feature vocalist Jared Monette.

Test pressings are in-hand already. This full run is currently being pressed.

Limited pressing of just 500 units. Color in color, clear with aqua color.

Released July 2022.


  1. Rise to Fall
  2. Neck of the Contrast
  3. Gooseknuckle
  4. It was a Memoir
  5. Dr. Teeth
  6. Avdotya
  7. Waiting for the War to Die
  8. West Cliffs
  9. Hemlock Like This
  10. Woebegone
  11. Our Super Symmetry
  12. Will Someone Please Turn Down the Ocean?
  13. Tempest